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Photographic hunt inside Riserva San Massimo

Photographic and naturalistic excursion inside Riserva San Massimo

Agricultural enterprise San Massimo – Località San Massimo – Groppello Cairoli (PV)

  • Excursion in a top-open SUV
  • Naturalistic photography lessonin a high seat
  • Photography excursion by foot
  • Tasting of Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo


Conducted by:

  • Cesare Re professional photographer
  • Lorenzo Di Nozzi professional photographer
  • Matteo Vecchi professional photographer
  • Silvia Fumagalli guide G.A.E.

All participants will be given a box of Carnaroli rice from riserva San Massimo.

For further information:

Cesare Re


Lorenzo Di Nozzi


Matteo Vecchi


Place: Riserva San Massimo