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Carnaroli whole grain risotto with spots of beetroot

Ingredients for 4 servings

For the risotto:
280 g whole grain Carnaroli rice
15 g finely chopped scallion
30 g Extra virgin olive oil
50 g white Vermouth
100 g mixed, diced vegetables
(leek, pumpkin, carrot, celery root, turnip, fennel)
1,5 l Vegetable broth
20 g Butter
40 g Gorgonzola dolce
Salt and pepper q.s.

For the beetroot salsa:
1 big beetroot, cooked and diced.
15 g chopped scallion
Extra virgin olive oil q.s.
Salt q.s.

Preparation time: 18 minutes
Cooking time: 18 minutes
Total time: 36 minutes
Difficulty level: Facile


For the risotto:
Start with the risotto, by giving some olive oil in a casserole and roasting the scallion and the rice in it. Keep stirring until the rice turns translucent. Deglaze with the Vermouth and let the alcohol evaporate. Then gradually add broth and keep on stirring. Add the vegetables and more broth, if necessary for keeping the rice from sticking to the pan. Taste the rice and season it. Now cream the risotto with the Gorgonzola and the butter. Stir rapidly for obtaining a creamy consistence. Sprinkle some white pepper and serve the risotto on 4 hot and flat plates. Now add the beetroot salsa in dots on the risotto.

For the beetroot salsa:
Heat some oil in a pan and glaze the scallion in it. Add the beetroot cubes, when the scallion turns translucent. Add some salt and roast the beetroot on a high flame. Take the pan from the flame and put the mixture in a blender. Add a bit of broth and blend the mix until you obtain a quite dense salsa.

Enrico Gerli

Enrico Gerli, chef at I Castagni restaurant.