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Risotto with white grapes and sweetbread ragout

Ingredients for 4 servings

For the grape creme:
500 g white grapes
50 g white potatoes
1 small escallion

Per il ragù di animelle:
400 g washed veal sweetbread
1 medium carrot
1 branch of celery
2 small shallots

For the risotto:
360 g Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo
1/4 yellow onion
Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation time: 18 minutes
Cooking time: 18 minutes
Total time: 36 minutes
Difficulty level: Facile


Preparation of the grape cream:
Cut the grapes and remove the seeds, finely chop the potatoes and the escallion brunoise style. Heat the oil in a pan and roast the potatoes and the escallion in it. Add the grapes, moist them with some vegetable broth and cook it. Once the grapes are cooked, blend the whole thing together.

Preparation of the sweetbread ragout:

Dice the sweetbread and finely chop the carrots, the celery and the escallion brunoise style. Put all the vegetables into a pan with hot oil and a knob of alpine butter. Add the diced sweetbread, deglaze with the white wine and continue to cook with vegetable broth.

Preparation of the risotto:

Braise the finely chopped onion in hot oil, add the rice and roast it until it turns translucent. Deglaze with white wine and start the cooking process adding some of the vegetable broth. Halfway through the cooking process add the white grape cream. Finish the cooking process, cream the risotto with alpine butter, Parmesan cheese, aged 36 months, and a little bit of olive oil (but pay attention and don’t cover up the taste of the white grapes). Reheat the ragout and add it on top of the risotto.

Alessandro Elefante, chef at Giardinetto restaurant in Pettenasco (NO)