Our rice

When each package is opened, the scent and original fragrance of freshly worked rice is perceived and this is particularly evident in the case of Carnaroli Whole Rice.

In order to always guarantee an excellent product, the Riserva San Massimo selects only the best seeds, certified by CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of the Agricultural Economy) 100% Carnaroli variety. The difference in value between the latter rice and substitute varieties such as Karnak, Carnise and early Carnise is evident at the first taste, which in turn can be sold with the sales denomination “Carnaroli”.

The farm has made a quality choice: to cultivate only pure Carnaroli, dedicating about 100 hectares to it, despite the fact that the maturation times of this rice are the longest ever – the vegetative cycle lasts about 165 days – and the production risks are many . Carnaroli is a sensitive and delicate variety with very tall plants – reaching about 175 cm -.

Dino’s watchful eye checks the quality of each package, bag after bag, and only if everything is perfect, we proceed with the labelling, which is done manually. The rice is ready for sale.