Carnaroli rice I Fontanili Selection

Riso Carnaroli Riserva San Massimo - Selezione I Fontanili

The San Massimo Reserve, an agricultural area surrounded by unspoiled nature and far from thoroughfares, already gives life to three varieties of highly quality rice whose cultivation takes place exclusively within the Reserve: the authentic Carnaroli, both classic and whole grain, the Vialone Nano, and the Rosa Marchetti.

To these, the new line of “I Fontanili” Carnaroli is now added, a high-quality rice characterized by a long grain that is resistant to cooking.

After years of experience and careful analysis of the productivity of individual fields in the Reserve, we have found that the 50 meters of elevation that separate the low-lying agricultural land from the area known as “Upper San Massimo” make the high-lying agricultural land, the terrace overlooking the Ticino Valley, less humid, more friable, more draining, and ideal for cultivating Carnaroli I Fontanili.

This new variety of rice is not only the result of our commitment to agronomic research but also the result of work carried out with love and respect for nature, applying eco-sustainable agricultural methods that preserve the beauty of our land and the goodness of our product.

The seeds of Carnaroli I Fontanili are processed and selected according to the philosophy of the San Massimo Reserve: in addition to delighting the palate with the creamy texture and unmistakable taste of Carnaroli, I Fontanili also represent our contribution to sustainability: we reduce our environmental impact with completely organic fertilization, methane gas drying, and stone milling that preserves and does not stress the grain.

The processed product is packaged in a protective atmosphere for optimal storage in a recyclable pack.

The I Fontanili line is the result of work done with tenacity and passion, with responsible soil management and agricultural practices that respect the biodiversity of the Reserve, combined with a love for nature and culinary art: the result is a rice with a good release of starch and excellent cooking resistance, characterized by a hint of hazelnut, ideal for risottos.

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Risotto tartufato mantecato con stracchino ed erba cipollina
Risotto di Carnaroli integrale punteggiato di rapa rossa