Classic Carnaroli Rice

Riso Carnaroli Autentico della Riserva San Massimo

The Classic Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo is perfect for the preparation of risotto. It is famous among important chefs for its organoleptic characteristics, such as low stickinessfirm consistency in cooking, a rare compactness of the grain and high starch content.

During the cooking process it delicately absorbs the flavours of the various ingredients, releasing its precious starch. On the plate this rice presents itself with compact and homogenous grains, that even tend to turn “al dente” when cooled down.

When the stove is turned off, the rice stops cooking and the grains do not risk to split up, because of their particular structure. This product’s excellent quality can be sensed right away, from the first bite, revealing the nature reserve’s fragrance.