Vialone Nano Rice

Vialone Nano Rice Riserva San Massimo

The birth of Vialone Nano dates back to 1939 from the hybridization of the Nano and Vialone Nero qualities, a variety discovered between the 19th and 20th centuries in the province of Pavia. The Vialone Nano variety is a medium grain semi-fine, round and pearly rice.  Its name suggests a small size even if, during cooking it swells, losing its initial roundness.  Although its cultivation is widespread especially in the rice fields of the lower Veronese area and in the territories around Mantova, the Riserva San Massimo has chosen to produce this variety as well, as it is one of the most prized qualities of rice.  Over the years we have studied and selected the fields in which the Vialone Nano plant could find the most suitable soil for its perfect growth, in fact the production of Vialone Nano rice in Riserva is limited to only a few fields.  Its characteristics make it suitable for any type of preparation and its uniqueness is enhanced above all in the creation of risottos, both whipped and shelled.  The right amylose content makes its cooking resistance excellent, always maintaining a medium al dente consistency and favoring an excellent intake of aromas and flavors.  The Vialone Nano Rice of the Riserva San Massimo is appreciated by many chefs who base their cuisine on delicacy: the same chefs confide in us that they prefer to use it in light-flavored fish risottos, because our Vialone Nano allows you to enhance the delicate tastes of the sea, such as clams or marine plankton.