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Visit of the EU delegation – 2011


On June 7th 2011 the European Commission and representatives of ISPRA for environment came to visit Riserva San Massimo and the Ticino Valley Park.

The day was very interesting for all participants, that were able to see and experience the big biodiversity of the place and the presence of particular plant and animal species.

During the visit, Dino Massignani, the manager of Riserva San Massimo illustrated the typologies and modalities of cultivation used in the riserve, associated with the production of Autentico Carnaroli rice.

The importance of the biodiversity in the production process of a healthy cereal that subsequently results excellent in its culinary properties, has been evidenced.

The maintenance of the biodiversity in Riserva San Massimo through focused activities, such as the planting of fruit trees next to the paddy fields, can’t be found in any other agricultural enterprise that produces rice in Italy.

The registration of many frogs, hidden under the bushes on the edges of the fields, gives measure to the notable presence of this amphibious, that is almost disappeared from any other rice plantation.

This fact can be considered as the fruit of intense and accurate work that leaves deep holes in the rice paddies, conserving a water reserve that allows the present species to fulfill their life cycle.

Place: Riserva San Massimo