Cherry harvest 2016

This initiative is dedicated to adults and children, giving them the opportunity to live a different kind of day surrounded by nature.

Every person that wants to participate will pay 15 euros as a symbolic minimum fee (toddlers excluded). The output will be given entirely to: Prato onus at Genova Voltri (an association that supports people that suffer from physical, psychological and existential distress).

All participants will have the opportunity to harvest cherries up to an estimated weight, that will be established during the day. This way we can guarantee that all of the participants will take home some of the delicious cherries from Riserva San Massimo.

During the harvesting the entire nature reserve can be visited on board of our SUVs, accompanied by Dino Massignani, who will show and explain every aspect of the reserve.

As a little thank you for your participation, you will not only take the cherries home with you, but also 500 g of our best Autentico Carnaroli rice.

During the event, we will offer a lunch buffet with rice dishes and other products from Riserva San Massimo, prepared by chef Diego Rossi (“Trippa” Milan) and chef Cesare Battisti (“Ratanà” Milan).

The wine tasting will be offered by the winery Frecciarossa.


29 May 2016


Riserva San Massimo


In Riserva San Massimo