Risotto with Franciacorta, creamed with citrus fruits

Ingredients for 3 servings

  • 200 g Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo
  • 90 g Butter (30 g for roasting + 60 g for creaming the
  • risotto)
  • 80 g Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
  • Vegetable broth q.s.
  • 1 glass of Franciacorta Bollicine
  • 1 Orange
  • Sugar q.s.
  • Salt and pepper q.s.

Difficulty level


Preparation time

20 minutes

Cooking time

20 minutes


Roast 200 g of Carnaroli rice in a pan with 30 g of the butter. Put a glass of Franciacorta sparkling wine in a pan and boil it for 10 seconds, evaporating the alcohol and avoiding acidity. Wet the rice with Franciacorta and cook it for circa 18 minutes, gradually adding high quality vegetable broth.

Put a teaspoon of sugar together with the orange zest and pulp into a pot and add another glass of Franciacorta. Cook until it’s almost caramelized, remove the zest and add the remaining compound to the risotto. Put the zest aside for the final decoration of the plate.

When the rice is cooked, cream the risotto with 60 g of butter and 80 g of grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Let the risotto rest for 2 minutes. Decorate with the zest and drizzle some of the remaining orange salsa. Grate some parmesan and a bit of pepper … enjoy!

Risotto with Merletto wine 1
Risotto tartufato mantecato con stracchino ed erba cipollina
Risotto di Carnaroli integrale punteggiato di rapa rossa