Risotto Week 2013

Risotto Week is from 23rd to 29th of September 2013 in all participating restaurants. Find out where!

Due to the steady requests from clients that would like to try the autentico Carnaroli rice from our unique nature riserve, we decided to create a new initiative that we named Risotto Week and that will take place from 23rd to 29th of September in various restaurants that use our rice for their delicious dishes.

What is “Risotto Week”?

During the risotto week you can order a special plate of risotto (every restaurant presents it’s own recipe). Together with this plate the customer will also get a 500 g box of our autentico Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo so that they can try the recipes at home.

Here are the restaurants that participate and their delicious recipes!

Ratanà Restaurant – Milan(MI)

Risotto with black summer truffle, quail egg and ginger cream


IN Restaurant – Fenegrò (CO)

Risotto with Tomino cheese and Cotechino from Pavia


Osteria Brunello – Milan (MI)

Risotto with cooked and raw Porcini, creamed with Taleggio and chestnut powder


Restuarant Campo delle Stelle – Vanzago (MI)

Yellow Risotto with mushrooms and salsiccia


Il Clandestino Restaurant – Stresa (VB)

Risotto with freshwater crayfish, granita of Acerbus from Croce di Malto


Restuarant il Giardinetto – Pettenasco (NO)

Risotto with white grapes and sweetbread ragout


Moma Restaurant – Sesto Calende (VA)

Risotto with lemon, burrata, steamed oyster and caper powder


Tacabutun Restaurant – Pallanza (VB)

Risotto with porcini mushrooms and white grapes


From 23 to 29 september 2013


Lombardy / Piedmont


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