Chef ambassador Cesare Battisti and the Autentico Carnaroli rice

Eight great chefs will be food ambassador during EXPO 2015.

It’s the first time that it’s the chefs themselves were asked to represent the excellences of Italian cuisine for such an institutional project as EXPO. Every chef is associated with one product that he interprets in his very own way according to the general theme of EXPO “Nourish the planet, energy for life”.

The egg (Carlo Cracco), saffron (Davide Olandi), milk (Ugo Alciati), eggplant (Enrico Bartolini), rice (Cesare Battisti), cacao (Ernst Knam), extra virgin olive oil (Moreno Cedroni), buckwheat (Pietro Leemann).

Riserva San Massimo is very happy about the decision, that Cesare Battisti, chef at “Ratanà”, was named ambassador for rice. His restless research for genuine and natural products, combined with his philosophy of purchasing local, convinced Cesare to choose the Autentico Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo for his recipes.

The responsibility of the title as Chef ambassador lays on his shoulders (and recipes) only. Whereas we can only guarantee that we will continue to produce the highest quality rice there is. Cultivating our fields, respecting the biodiversity that distinguishes us from other companies, so that we can offer the chef ambassador and everybody who wants to taste it, an unique, healthy and tasty rice.


22 April 2015




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